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FAQ’s + Links

Do the workshops meet AIA Continuing Education requirements?
     Yes, all workshops are registered through AIA/CES program.

Do the workshops meet Health Safety Welfare [HSW] requirements?
     Yes, all workshops meet HSW requirements.

How do I sign up?
     Dates and locations are listed on the calendar of events.  Select date on Workshop Calendar and click the “Click here to register.” link.

How do I pay?
     We accept Master card, Visa, and American Express cards.

Do I need to report my own hours to AIA after attending SSTLcodes workshops?
     No, workshops offered by SSTLcodes are approved courses by AIA/CES. A certificate of completion is provided to all attendees AIA members and Non-AIA members at the end of the session. The certificate will include attendees name, number of hours attended, course number, and description. AIA credits will be reported to AIA/CES by SSTLcodes.

I am licensed in the State of Texas. Is my continuing education still due at the end of my birth month?
     Click Here for TBAE Continuing Education Facts.

How do I receive a copy of my AIA transcript?
     Click Here to login and check your AIA transcript.

How many hours do I need to take for my license renewal?
     For general AIA/CES information Click Here. For verification of a specific State‚Äôs mandatory continuing education requirements, please contact the state licensing board.

Helpful Links

International Code Council (Select store tab to purchase Code Books)
ICC Premium Access, including historical Free Resource Standards
Building Valuation Data
National Fire Stop Council
National Fire Protection Association
American with Disabilities Act (ADA)
2012 Texas Accessibility Standards


Other questions?
     Send an email to: or visit the contact us page.